Tulip Time 2013

Spring is finally here with warm weather and gorgeous flowers. The food carts are up and running, selling everything from fried vegetables to freshly squeezed lemonade. There are dutch dancers that perform on the streets of Holland almost every night, carrying on the decades old tradition. Today, there will be the street scrubbing parade where people dressed in dutch costumes walk down 8th street literally “scrubbing the street.” I look forward to getting an elephant ear and maybe some lemonade while I watch this parade with some of my friends. Unfortunately though, I have swim practice right after the parade. Tomorrow, the KinderParade is scheduled to take place, but if it rains (which it is supposed to) then it will get moved to Friday and we would have another half day of school. This is the parade where all the little school children march with their grade and the marching bands add to the chaos. On Saturday, there is yet another parade where there are a bunch of different groups that come from all over to march! The Holland High State Swim Team will be marching in this parade as well. Since both the boys and the girls teams won state, they will be recognized for this accomplishment then. Stay tuned for more about Tulip Time in later posts!



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